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Stockton High School News

2 months ago

About Stockton High School
Stockton High School houses grades nine through twelve. There are approximately twenty full time staff members providing instructional services. Along with traditional class room instruction the high school also offers dual credit courses on the Stockton high school campus taught by staff members from Highland Community College, virtual high school classes though utilization of the Internet, and independent study opportunities. The high school continues to achieve excellence in the areas of academics, activities, and athletics. Achievements in the past year include six state scholars in a graduating class of thirty three students; successfully meeting AYP requirements; second place finish by the choral and instrumental music department in the state music sweepstakes division D; and a regional championship and sectional appearance for the girls' basketball program.

The combination of strong instruction, excellent student motivation, and positive community support give Stockton students the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.